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Kubernate has a lot of components auto-generated from the Kubernetes API. This is great because it means it can always be accurate in relation to the Kubernetes API Server that you are using, but it also means that the versioning is a bit complicated.

Kubernate uses SemVer: the major and the minor are always the major of the Kubernetes API version targeted; the patch is autoincremented for every release and it does not match the Kubernetes API version targeted.

The release strategy is the following:

  • periodic releases (runs every day) for each Kubernetes minor version >= 1.18; this always picks the latest patch from each version and is checked against the latest release of Kubernate for that Kubernetes version; if a new patch was released, then a new patch of Kubernate will be built with the new Kubernetes version
  • manual releases will patch every current releases of Kubernate

Is very important to lock the version of the package to the version of Kubernetes you are targeting! For example, if you use Kubernetes 1.19 your package.json’s dependencies should include "kubernate": "~1.19".