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The any resource

The any resource is not a real resource, but it is a helper resource that can be used to create any resource. It receives the type of the resource you want to create and returns the call method (similar to kube.* methods).


import {makeResourceOfType} from "kubernate/resources/any";

interface MyResource
    extends Resource<
            counter: number;
    > {}

const myResource = makeResourceOfType<MyResource>("kubernate.learn/v1beta1", "MyResource"); // this creates a `any` resource

const firstResource = myResource({
    metadata: {
        name: "first-custom-resource",
    spec: {
        counter: 1,

The yaml output of this code is:

apiVersion: kubernetes.learn/v1beta1
kind: MyResource
    name: first-custom-resource
    counter: 1

This is very useful to create resources that are not yet supported by kubernate.