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Kubernate provides some utilities that you can use in your script to make your life easier.

makeLogger(options: LoggerOptions): Logger

makeLogger can be used to create a logger that will log to the console with a similar look with Kubernate itself. The log level can be set using the options provided to makeLogger or by setting the LOG_LEVEL environment variable. The accepted log levels are: silly, trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal.

import {makeLogger} from "kubernate";

const log = makeLogger("hello-world", {
    displayFunctionName: false,
    // more options here ....

log.silly("hi", {a: [1, 2]});
log.trace("hi", {a: [1, 2]});
log.debug("hi", {a: [1, 2]});"hi", {a: [1, 2]});
log.warn("hi", {a: [1, 2]});
log.error("hi", {a: [1, 2]});
log.fatal("hi", {a: [1, 2]});


The Definition generic can be used to retrieve a type definition from the name of the type. This is useful when you want to pass parameters or return values between functions and you want them to be typed.

import {Definition} from "kubernate";

type x = Definition<"core.v1.ConfigMap">;

isResourceOfType(resource: any, type: TAllTypes): resource is type

isResourceOfType is a type guard that can be used to check if a resource is of a certain type. This is very useful when developing transformers that need to know if a resource is of a certain type.

output.bundleToDisk("hello-world.yaml", {
    transformers: [
        // here resource if of type any
        (resource) => {
            // this type guard ensures that resource is of type core.v1.Service
            if (isResourceOfType(resource, "core.v1.Service")) {
                // resource is of type core.v1.Service here
                // apply transformation here ...
            return resource;

patchResource(source: T, patch: DeepPartial): T and strategicPatchResource(source: T, patch: DeepPartial): T

Both strategicPatchResource and patchResource can be used to patch a resource. The difference is that strategicPatchResource will attempt to merge arrays and patchResource will replace them.

strategicPatchResource(resource, {
    metadata: {
        annotations: {
            "": "true",