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You must have installed Node.js (14.x or later) and npm. Yarn can be used instead of npm.

Kubernate only supports VSCode for code completion in YAML files. It’s recommended to use VSCode, but not required.


npm install -g kubernate

This can also be done with Yarn:

yarn global add kubernate

Kubernate needs to be installed globally for command line completion and the kubernate init command to work.Everything else can be run with the binary that is shipped when you install Kubernate in your project.

CLI Completion

The kubernate completion command will output the text that can be appended to your .bashrc (or .zshrc for zsh, or the equivalent for your shell) file to enable command line completion.

The easiest way to add this to your shell is to run (adapt for your shell):

kubernate completion >> ~/.bashrc


Some projects that use Kubernate (including the ones generated by kubernate init) can add improvements to the workflow if you use VSCode and have the right extensions installed. When you open a Kubernate project in VSCode, it will recommend you to install the extensions listed in the .vscode/extensions.json file.